Aromatherapy is Not a Treatment for Asthma


While aromatherapy sessions are offered at our urgent care services in Atlanta, Georgia, it is not a cure for any type of disease, and that includes asthma. Essential oils are known to provide benefits such as relaxation, soothing sore joints, and improving sleep quality.

You may think that this is the perfect solution to your asthma attacks since this is a condition that tends to worsen in anxious moments. While aromatherapy can help soothe your symptoms and even lower the frequency of your asthma attacks, it’s not a cure.

People react differently to aromatherapy. So always be sure to consult with a certified and trusted Urgent Care & Wellness Center before you try this. MEDICI Urgent Care and Wellness Center would also like to emphasize that you should only use aromatherapy between asthma attacks, and not while you’re having one or experiencing the symptoms.

Please be aware that while aromatherapy can help in reducing the frequency of your attacks, it can also trigger it. If your essential oil diffusers release volatile organic compounds, this can possibly worsen your symptoms. Strong odors and fragrances may also trigger an attack, so if you’re sensitive to fragrances, perhaps aromatherapy is not for you.

Don’t worry, there are other methods that can help reduce your asthma attacks, and our primary care services in Georgia can help you find the perfect one. Just dial 706-400-4366 to set an appointment.

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