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 Group of medical doctors in office with patient's x-ray

The MEDICI Urgent Care and Wellness Center is a healthcare delivery center that offers urgent care services in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2020, our mission is to provide medical care to our patients and clients. At MEDICI, your health and overall wellness are of paramount importance. Our facility and dedicated staff offer an innovative approach to wellness as well as care for minor emergencies. Our comprehensive plans extend beyond traditional healthcare and medicine to provide our patients with a more personalized and well-rounded experience.

At MEDICI, we provide healthcare as well as allied health services such as massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and IV hydration to optimize the overall wellness and health of our patients. Our practice is designed to bridge the gap between traditional care and local emergency rooms with an emphasis on patient-centered care and patient-involved decision making. We stand ready to provide unparalleled holistic and integrative health solutions to accommodate our diverse patient population from urban professionals to stay-at-home parents and everyone in between.

Mission Statement

Our goal as a company is to provide holistic and integrative, proactive, and urgent care services to all patients in order to improve their health and experience every time they need medical assistance. MEDICI Urgent Care and Wellness Center seeks to transform the healthcare delivery system for its patients through deeper connections and professionally coordinated care that can be offered on-site or remotely in the patient’s residence in the Atlanta area.