what are the components of a healthy lifestyle

What Are the Components of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Health is the greatest wealth any person could ever have. Just like a precious treasure, it needs to be nurtured and protected. This is why it is of utmost importance for a person to do whatever it takes to safeguard his/her health. Getting the...

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things you should know about acupuncture for weight loss

Things You Should Know About Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical practice that’s been around for over 2, 500 years. Recently, this treatment has become more popular in North America and is now recognized as an effective and safe treatment for a variety of health...

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massage therapy the benefits you can enjoy

Massage Therapy: The Benefits You Can Enjoy!

A simple massage can be a powerful tool to help improve your well-being. If you are still evaluating whether or not you need to enroll in a massage therapy session, here are some benefits to help you in your decision-making. Improve relaxation...

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the benefits of iv vitamin therapy

The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

We know you’ve seen posts and ads about IV vitamin therapy all over social media. If you follow Chrissy Teigen on Instagram, you’ve probably seen posts about this as well. But what makes this vitamin drip so great? Intravenous therapy, or IV...

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Aromatherapy is Not a Treatment for Asthma

While aromatherapy sessions are offered at our urgent care services in Atlanta, Georgia, it is not a cure for any type of disease, and that includes asthma. Essential oils are known to provide benefits such as relaxation, soothing sore joints, and...

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