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benefits of trying out acupuncture

Benefits of Trying Out Acupuncture

Healing is an amazing capacity of the human body, yet our modern lifestyle often makes it difficult for many people to tap that potential. Acupuncture is an ancient practice rooted in ancestral science which helps promote that natural healing...

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attitude the ultimate key in your weight loss journey

Attitude: The Ultimate Key in Your Weight Loss Journey

Committing oneself to a weight-loss journey is difficult. You have to pour all your efforts and attention for you to be able to achieve your desired weight, health, figure, and the quality of life you deserve. You have to detach yourself from bad...

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massage therapy for better performance

Massage Therapy for Better Performance

Living with constant physiological discomfort can be challenging, especially if it hinders you from properly performing daily activities. As such, addressing this issue early on is important in order to live life to the fullest again. Our urgent...

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tips for preventing nutritional deficiency

Tips for Preventing Nutritional Deficiency

You may think that reducing your salt intake, avoiding junk food, and doing your daily exercise are enough to keep your body healthy. While these do help in improving your health, you may still be leaving gaps that may lead to nutritional...

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the importance of putting your health first

The Importance of Putting Your Health First

Most of the time in our life we think about accomplishing all the things that need to be done. We are so busy with daily life events that we forget to take a break and think about ourselves, especially our health. Here at MEDICI Urgent Care and...

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tips to lose weight the healthy way

Tips to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Every person has his/her own fitness goals. For some, this means losing weight. On the other hand, this may also mean gaining a couple of pounds for others. There are different factors that motivate a person to set a fitness goal. It could be...

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