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At MEDICI, we address all your health and wellness needs, including annual physicals. Our providers can serve as your primary care provider, and we will work with you to develop a plan for your overall wellness and vitality. Our new patient consultation includes a complete physical exam with a fast state-of-the-art noninvasive scan that helps determine your antioxidant level, so we customize an integrative plan for complete wellness. We also offer a comprehensive initial evaluation with our acupuncturist (if desired).

New Patient Consultation:

  • Adult patients (with a physician or nurse practitioner)
  • Focused New Patient Consult
  • Comprehensive Physical – Will include physical exam, blood work, possibly EKG, and initial acupuncture evaluation (if you choose)
  • Sick Visits
  • Wellness Scan

Our primary care services do require information to determine eligibility. Please download the form below and send it back to us. We will inform you via email if you qualify.